The Watson-Brown Foundation, Inc. supports historic preservation in part through its Junior Board of Trustees, a talented and dedicated group of seven to thirteen high school students (10th-12th graders) whose exclusive mission is to preserve local history. This educational initiative fosters civic responsibility, heightens an appreciation for local history, and introduces students to the world of philanthropy. The Junior Board of Trustees awards $33,000 in grants annually to worthwhile historic preservation/restoration projects in Northeast Georgia.

The mission of the Watson-Brown Foundation Junior Board of Trustees is to seek out and determine historic preservation opportunities in Northeast Georgia. These opportunities, aligned with education, include, but are not limited to, historic projects and organizations that will preserve the past for future generations.


The Junior Board of Trustees devotes many hours to meetings, research, interviews, and site visits in the field of historic preservation and restoration in Northeast Georgia. It is the responsibility of each Junior Board member to become actively involved in the project nomination and grant decision process. A certain commitment is required of the members to remain on the Board, which includes, but is not limited to:

  • regular attendance of pre-scheduled, once-a-month meetings (typically held on Wednesdays)

  • grant project site visits (after school or on weekends in March-April)

  • participation in planned field trip experiences once or twice per academic year.

However, this Board may never be used as an excuse for incomplete school assignments or absences from school. Once chosen for this prestigious Board, members may remain on the Board through the remainder of high school.

At least one preservation-related overnight trip may be planned during the school year, and is generally scheduled around school activities. This site trip is paid for by the Watson-Brown Foundation, with the exception of each member’s personal spending money. Gas for site visits, monthly meetings, and other various activities is reimbursed by the Watson-Brown Foundation at the federal rate.