Who Killed Tom Cobb Summer Camp

We are inviting rising 6th through 9th grade students to join an elite squad of History Detectives to determine who killed Tom Cobb. These detectives will convene at the T.R.R. Cobb House from June 4- June 9 from 9am until 3pm.

Detectives are asked to take part in a cold-case forensics investigation into the death of Thomas Reade Rootes Cobb who lost his life on December 13, 1862 at the battle of Fredericksburg, Virginia. The detectives will be asked to process information gathered from their investigative research into physical evidence, personal letters, official reports, interviews from witnesses, and develop the squad's theory as to the manner by which General Cobb was killed and identify the suspect in the case.

Detectives are asked to provide their own lunches and $30 towards the cost of supplies and materials (payable by check). If the cost is prohibitive, please contact us regarding potential scholarships. For further information, please contact Ashleigh Oatts at aoatts@trrcobbhouse.org or Sam Thomas at sthomas@trrcobbhouse.org or call 706-369-3513. The deadline for registration is May 30.

Diggin Up the Past

The T.R.R. Cobb House and the Athens-based Southeastern Archaeological Services recently conducted an archaeological dig at the original site of the house at 194 Prince Avenue. Among the discoveries: a root cellar, a well, a pre-historic atlatl, a piece of a 19th century chamberpot, and a F.W. Fitch and Co. hair tonic bottle from the early 20th century. St. Joseph's Catholic School middle-schoolers assisted with the dig.